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The program is an introduction to the basics of baby sign language. Baby sign language is a way to communicate with an infant or toddler before they can talk.

Baby is signing “phone”. He wants everyone to know that baby signing is great!

The program includes:
 * the benefits of baby signing
 * when to start teaching baby signing
 * basic signs to get baby started
 * tips for the most effective ways to introduce signing to your
 * ideas to promote language development
 * rhymes in sign language

Why is baby signing important?
 * signing gives baby a way to communicate their wants, needs
   and interests before they can speak
 * signing reduces frustration
 * signing increases a child’s vocabulary
 * signing allows baby to share their world with you

 See FAQs below for more information.

Nancy Jayne is a Preschool and Elementary school teacher with a Masters Degree in Education. She presently teaches baby signing and signing for preschools and daycares. Nancy has worked with babies and children of all ages.

For information on her program, please contact Nancy Jayne at
736-7233 or e-mail her at



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Nancy Jayne

Do the Baby Signing Classes include parents and babies?
 Parents and baby can come to the class. Sometimes I have both Mom and Dad come in and sometimes just the Mom. They don't have to bring a baby if they choose not to. Sometimes I even have grandparents bring in a baby.
At what age should babies start learning Sign Language?
 The age babies start to sign can be as young as 6 months or even up to 2 years old. An ideal time I would say is around 8 or 9 months. But I have babies of all ages come in.
Generally, how many are in a baby signing class?
 I keep the class size small. The most I like to see in a class is 6. Classes can be larger or smaller though.
When are Baby Signing classes held and when can I register?
 My classes are every other month, usually on a Monday night. Registration goes on all the time, just contact me and I'll send you the forms.
Is there a cost for the classes?
 There is a fee for the classes, but all money is donated to the church.

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